KAF – the 11th Hebrew letter

The Hebrew letter כ Kaf, or spelled out in Hebrew כָּף is the eleventh letter in the Hebrew alphabet and is one of the Hebrew letters which also has a second form called final Khaf, ך or Khaf Soffit.

Each Hebrew letter has a numerical value, or gematria.  The gematria of  כ is 20.

Each Hebrew letter also has a concept.  כ signifies a  crown.  It also means ‘the palm of the hand’ implying productivity and potentiality.


Click here for more about the letter Kaf.


How to write the letter כ Kaf and ך Khaf Soffit – Some of the letter writing videos are in Hebrew but they show the steps in writing each Hebrew letter and the sound they make when different vowel points, or niqqud, are used.





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